Current Updates! The Grasshoppers Club has moved to Madison WI! Practice has resumed - please check our Calendar for times and locations. This is a Family-Friendly practice open to ALL AGES. Please allow this site to send you notifications about class status and also sign up for our email list.

A Personal Approach to Martial Arts

Re-purposing Martial Arts Practice

What happens to Martial Arts practice when we remove the need and intention to destroy, break, or overpower an opponent?

Re-discovering Connection

We discover a new range of possibilities and opportunities to connect with one another.

Mutually Respectful Encounters

We engage in a deeper, more meaningful manner, on a playful and exploratory level.


A Small Stomp . . .
Chop Wood, Carry Water
Flexible Minds, Flexible Bodies
From one Grasshopper to Another
Inquisitive Minds
Why "Rethinking Martial Arts"
Why train if I don't fight?